Monday, May 4, 2009

tres cool

Did you know you can add a Google translator function to your site by going to Tools - Google Translate?

And then you can read your own blog in French or Filipino.

And long-lost cousins from all over the world can read about your third-grade memories in their very own tongue*. What a great way to celebrate the multiglossia of Pentecost (coming up at the end of May)!

I think I'm going to teach myself Danish first . . .


*okay, so maybe those long-lost cousins will not be reading in quite their own language. Interesting things my unknown French cousins will learn about American children's May Day traditions of yesteryear:
  • that we attach crepe paper ribbons to the top court on the other days and the weaving and the bridges and in the arms of our comrades of the class who are coming in the inverted sense (oh, those naughty French!)
  • that our fondly remembered teacher has the odor of curly hair (possibly from Nice?)
  • that we must always leave someone on the front step
  • that we fill our "petit panier" with some bread and butter of the "plante sauvage" and odorous morning glory of bad plants
  • that in the midst of filling baskets we demand to be given "cheesies" (are we beginning to understand why world diplomacy is as it is?)

And I do not think my long-lost cousins de Gaul will seek to contact me nor want to know any of my offspring when they learn
  • that my son knows I do my proper work on days which are very very uncommon
  • that my son hangs the little basket on his sisters
  • that we also refer to these unfortunate young women as the Chamber of the Handles of the Door.

So maybe not such a great way to learn Danish after all, hein?

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Lisa B. said...

Um, this is hilarious. I am scrambling, mentally, to translate forward (or is it backward?) to figure out what the original stuff might mean . . . too funny!

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