Tuesday, August 25, 2009

25, mostly at random

  1. I would feel more comfortable listing 25 questions (intriguing and/or naggingly recurrent) than providing 25 answers/factoids/snapshot views of the inner me.

  2. I like punctuation – for example dashes/slashes (also parentheses).

  3. (During the note-writing days of junior high long ago, my boyfriend at the time pointed out that I speak also in parentheses – like cupped hands around a whisper and many dangling and interdependent clauses branching out from a single slender trunk) – does that count as a 3rd fact or is that just a continuation of #2? This could perhaps stand as a characteristic example. Or a habit.

  4. I’m doing this list to please my daughter. Who is far more charming and droll than I. She likes sunflowers and spicy food – Mexican, Indian, Thai. So do I (except for the sunflowers.)

  5. I think sunflowers are very obvious. And cheery. But I like iris better and lilacs, because if I were someday to go blind I could still enjoy them – they smell ravishingly sweet and have delicious textures against your face when you smell them. Sunflowers are sticky and have prickles. And they smell like weeds. (Not that I’m against weeds necessarily. Or sunflowers for that matter.)

  6. I don’t like drawing lines that shut things out. Because you never know. Maybe I will come to love sunflowers. They may remind me of my daughter when she has flown. When I was a very little girl, my school-teacher grandpa taught me a poem (many poems, some rather more poetic than this verse) that still runs through my head: “He drew a circle that shut me out – Heretic! Rebel! A foe to flout! But Love and I had the wit to win. We made a circle that drew him in.” I’m not convinced that this is not One of the Secrets of Life.

  7. I quote poetry/verse more often than is socially acceptable.

  8. My daughter suggests I ask myself if red really is my favorite color and why. Would that be interesting to ask? or to know? Do other people notice red as strongly – color of blood and mouths and ripe fruit? – and do they not choose it for their favorite because they don’t like to be compelled to notice so strongly?

  9. I also like blue – from boiling poison pool and Utah sky to Easter morning and robin’s egg and celadon. I adore the celadon of very old Chinese ceramics. And I like it when the glaze crackles.

  10. I don’t have a reason for liking the colors I like. Except they make my eyes tingle. And something inside me start to dance. When I am old I hope my children will bring me new colors every day like the old lady in Beloved. The brighter the better. Or good textures if I happen to be blind then.

  11. I’ve always assumed I would one day lose my sight (because my eyes are not so great) – I’m in a habit now of looking intensely and carefully at things while I can. So I will remember.

  12. I used to try to teach myself to read Braille but now I’ve decided I would rather listen to books on tape. The best are those read by a single reader, one who does all the voices, preferrably with an English accent. I stock up on audiobooks from the library whenever I have to drive long distances.

  13. I used to dance when I was alone. Every day. To all kinds of different music. Lots of whirling and leaping and graceful (?) arm wavings. I once asked myself, stopping to pant and catch my breath, “Will I ever not want to dance like this?” I thought that would be impossible. Now I don’t dance. I have tried sometimes. But I don’t want to anymore. (You are probably relieved to hear this.) (Or regretting you didn’t get to see the sight? charge admission? take blackmail pictures?)

  14. Before I die I want to wander through the carved stone churches of Armenia, bicycle from town to town in France, spend a summer in Denmark, learn the vocabulary of Balinese and Indian dance, sail through the Greek islands, explore temple ruins at Angkor Wat, Machu Picchu, ruins and garden at Sigiriya (Sri Lanka), underground garden near Fresno, California, and see whales with their calves down along the coast of South America.

  15. I will feel I have succeeded in life if I can ever successfully grow a vegetable garden and a small orchard and collect eggs from my own chickens. (Well, I’ll feel I’ve succeeded for a minute or two anyway.)

  16. I have always wanted to keep bees, but have been discouraged from it by all the die-offs and diseases.

  17. The happiest I’ve been in a long time was working/ volunteering at the Sauvie Island organic farm. I miss it and all the earnest and idealistic young people who worked and lived there. But it felt time to move on. But to what?

  18. I love mud. I miss teaching. I'm afraid I have become lazy.

  19. I like walking better than any other exercise. Walking in the morning, or even better, walking in the dark or in the rain. Which doesn't mean I don't also love cycling - it just seems more like transportation than exercise. Cycling is my favorite form of transportation.

  20. I love real conversations – wide-ranging, from-the-heart, ideas rather than personalities. I’m tired of talking about how much I’m going to miss my daughters. I need new topics!

  21. I love the smells of things (well, most things . . . or many . . .)

  22. I like sweeping the floor when the sun first rises. And folding clothes right out of the dryer. But my house is rarely as clean as it should be.

  23. Once I have cooked something exactly right, I have no more desire to cook it ever again. My family hate this and have taken to trying to convince me that while this or that dish is close, it’s just not quite . . . maybe you should try it with a little more . . .

  24. I like to sing. In the minor key, especially when the lyrics are clever or neatly intertwined with rhyme and meaning. But I am not a performance singer.

  25. Fakitude and smarminess about things that really matter make me squirm. Which makes it hard for me to talk about God, for example. So though my feelings may be deep, my tongue is often holden.

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Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh my goodness, I savored every item in this list. I love your reasoning and your sentence structure and your love of punctuation and lilacs. I loved learning these things about you. I love that you feel so deeply.

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