Thursday, September 24, 2009

eye take time to bee on bike

Usually I rush by with the windows rolled up and the radio on - noticing maybe the flash of color - pretty! - which tells me the autumn crocuses have bloomed again by the old steps on the way into town.

Being on bike, at the end of this fourth day of carfree commuting (that's CARfree, not carefree), this fourth day of 10+ miles a day, I'm more inclined to look into the matter a little more deeply.

And the matter is not just a wash of pleasant pinky purple, but shaped and tipped individual petals with delicate pistils and stamens. Buzzing this particular late afternoon with all kinds of provident living.

Including their neighboring bergenias, whose vigorous leaves are gathering in winter stores from the last sunshine, bottling it away for the spring blooming six months on.

And all this I might have missed . . .

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