Friday, September 11, 2009

My Eye

No escaping it. My old and faithful Canon Rebel EOS is broken.

Just when I had remembered how much I love its deep and rich real-film black&whites and its forgivingly elastic tolerance of low-light and up-close. Just when I had remembered how much I love the quiet focus my mind finds with the focusing of the lens.

Now, until I gather up the pennies to repair or replace and/or until I can find an operating system that lets me download from the point-and-shoot digital my mom passed my way, I am left with disposables.

But actually I also love disposable cameras. They mean holiday trips and biking excursions and even underwater pictures (or the potential of, depending on purchase). They are light and fit in pockets or handle-bar bags. And besides, I recently read an expert photographer who reassures us that it is not the camera - it's the eye.

(my eye! but anyway, it's better than a poke therein with a sharp stick - )

And I will call this Pyrex Gallery in Red . . .


Tunes Photo said...

Thank you for your nice comment in my blog. And if I inspire you to pick up your camera again - wow! Have never thought that might happen! You got a nice result as well!

Lisa B. said...

I think you should get yourself a pile of cheap film cameras. I hear from my friend that you can get all manner of them on eBay. I love the images cheap cameras make. Also, the images that good cameras make. In conclusion, there are a lot of awesome things you can do with almost any kind of camera.

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