Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Misadventures with Tomatoes

Others are able to roast and freeze tomatoes so they taste like summer all over again when you use them for sauces or soup in the winter.   Others can follow their directions and end up with tomatoes that still look like tomatoes.  Maybe this has something to do with elevation above sea level. 

Or maybe when they say a bit caramelized and most of the water has evaporated, they do not mean DESSICATED.  Whatever.  Some people roast 40 - 60 minutes.  Some people roast for hours, or rather, four hours.  Anyway.  Roasted tomato cubes will still taste fine in soups and sauces.  They'll taste maybe like smmer which is almost the same.

Or they'll taste quite a bit like tomato paste balls which are similarly stewed and reduced beyond recognition.

And let's not even talk about roasted tomatillo and chipotle salsa, which began like this:

And ended up looking about the same as everything above.  But runnier. 

I think the problem started when I overlooked the first part of "begin to char."   So I added the last leftover half-pound of tomatoes.  Extra honey and vinegar.  And we've got not salsa exactly (or even nearly) but a savory chile sauce to flavor beans. (I guess.)

In any case, I'm done with tomatoes, tomatilloes, all that tommy-rot for another year. 


Mrs. Organic said...

Drat! I just lost the novelette comment I wrote. I made a whole batch of salsa and then forgot to can it - the whole thing was wasted. All those beautiful peppers and tomatoes and onions - sniff!

I'd love your directions for tomato paste balls - I still have some 'maters ripening in the garage. Also the fruit flies are beginning to stage a takeover.

Emma J said...

Click on the link above the pictures. The recipe is second one down.

(Snif in sympathy over your lost salsa)

Lisa B. said...

Listen. They don't have to be pretty. Although I admire Mrs. Organic's beautiful tomatoes. But mine are more like yours. Did I imply otherwise? HELL no, but they taste delicious. I bet yours do, too.

Emma J said...

For tomato paste recipe go to table in the wilderness: recipes for abundance. It's in the pasta section, "Best Tomato Paste."

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