Saturday, October 31, 2009

Okay, so I've got . . .

  • my Cast of Characters,
  • my 20 Daily Plot Points to start each morning knowing roughly what I'm writing toward,
  • my "Random Rumi" poetry quotes and Merriam-Webster "Word of the Day" as mental Drano in case of blocks (sprinkle in and see what happens . . . glugga glug),
  • my Flickr Explore for sudden inspiration ( " . . . so they were walking along when suddenly they saw . . . ") . . .  though could be potential time-waster . . . question is: will I abide by one-click rule?  could set up computer to kick off Flickr after 7 minutes?  (. . . must see about . . . ),
  • my Plot Twist Random Generator,
  • my Necessary Rocks (and also Magic Bean, courtesy of YoungSon),
  • my multi-positional Goose-Neck Desk Lamp,
  • my Starving-Artist Gloves for cold mornings or whenever I need to commune with my inner tubercular poet,
  • my Style Guide/ Reference Book which is not Strunk & White but the gate of angels and also ~

  • Anything else? . . . oh, yes

- which is not merely what the laity call "chocolate" but is indeed An Important Writing Tool, namely:

  • 1 Milk Chocolate Raisin for each page
  • 1 Big Chip Baking Chocolate for every 1000 words
  • 1 Hint O' Mint cookie every 2500-word day
  • Chocolove Raspberry when the wordcount reaches 20,000
  • Chocolove Cherry Almond for wordcount of 35,000,
  • Endangered Species Intense Dark with Cocoa nibs for 45,000 words

(details like this are so important in writing, don't you think?

 please note scientifically determined graduated intervals balancing weariness with choco-motion 

I was thinking: YoungSon and I should made a deal that for every day I do NOT make 2500, he gets the Hint O' Mint cookie. 

"Mhm?" says YoungSon, "then I'd be kind of like voting against you."

"Not a good idea," says Middlest.  "Because then he'll be down by the desk all the time, going Mom, Mom! and climbing all over.  He'd never let you get anything done."

"What you need to do," says Fritz, "is go back to the store and get more packagesof cookies. Then every day we will be waiting to see whether we ALL get a cookie or not."

Everyone likes this idea. They think it should be a ritual moment: 5 chocolate mint cookies borne in on a white plate.

"And so I'm supposed to bring in an empty plate if I don't make it?"

"You bring in an empty plate, we're going to send you back downstairs," says Fritz.  "We want our cookies!"

"Are you going to share the candy bars, too?"  YoungSon wants to know.



"The other half is to zing-zing the next day of writing."


Early on, of course, I had decided that food is no way to reward yourself. Just leads to unhealthy habits and slows you down in the end.  No Sugar, I had decided.  No Snacking.  And No Treats.  Instead I was going to motivate myself with a half hour of yoga for every 2000 words . . .



Meanwhile, don't you think "Agriburbia"  sounds intriguing?

And Girls of RiyadhYes.  Read this book.  You'll like it.

As for Time's Magpie: a Walk in PragueBeautiful writing - I had to read the first chapter out loud to myself last night, soaking in the tub, but ultimately the pace is too leisurely for the mode I'm in right now.  Maybe I'll finish it another time.


Still to do today:
  1. Mopping, last of laundry, clean sheets
  2. Make bread
  3. Return books to library
  4. Mail deposit rent for the apartment we found for Fritz' parents
  5. Go to Eldest's last band competition
  6. Pick up CSA share
  7. Go to bed early
  8. Think good thoughts all Sunday
and then on Monday, right after the usual walk in the dark, right after breakfast, right after getting everyone off for the day . . .


Lisa B. said...

What an awesome plan. I think you will have a splendid draft come the end of November--and with all that chocolate, you'll be so healthy! The antioxidants alone!

Mrs. Organic said...

Everyone needs a magic bean and some chocolate. And I like Fritz's cookie idea, the man is a genius.

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