Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pictures of Old Cars

This month is the month of my dad's birthday.

My dad likes cars.

And though he does not read these words here (in fact,  he finds it very touching that Fritz does keep reading -

                                     and why is it touching? why would reading me 
be regarded as something approaching the
heroic? The Inner Child wants to know this. 

 We do not know. 
We wouldn't want to say that we think it is
  he finds this *what-all  (emotions, wordiness,
vaporing back and forth) . . . tedious
But our vocabularly is limited  and
we don't know any other word
quite so apparently,

- to be exact, it makes my Dad a little sentimental, a little teary-eyed to comtemplate Fritz's steady, faithful, uncomplaining reading of all this*)


that I love seeing old cars like these

is thanks to him.


Lisa B. said...

I believe that your inner child and my inner child have the same script.

Happy birthday and vintage cars to your dad!

Mrs. Organic said...

Goodness! You've got a great eye. And your inner child makes me giggle a bit, most probably because it hits so close to home.

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