Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What This Blog Could Become - Household Hints


But not because I think keeping house is for stupids.  I think keeping house is for everyone who lives in a house (or other domicile).  No, the reason this blog will not become useful in the sense of "handy around the house" is because it would quickly run out of useful ideas.

It is true I enjoy sweeping the floor.  But, beyond pointing out that morning, when the rays of the sun come in long and low, provides the best light for sweeping, I have not much else to say on the subject. 

And even that handy hint works only if you have a sliding glass door on the east side of your house.  Technique?  . . . uh, sweep, sweep, make sure you get the corners.  Equipment?  As you can see, high-tech equipment is not very important to my way of thinking. 

Perhaps because my way of thinking includes imagining Shinto priests (or do I mean Buddhist?) in their saffron robes sweeping perfect red maple leaves (pink on the underside) out of their shrines as a form of worship.  I think of their sweeping often while I sweep in the mornings.  Also I am very fond of Tomie de Paola's picture book, Old Befana.

And that is about all I have to say about sweeping.

I am even reluctant to so much as suggest this great - i.e. very helpful and useful and moreover beautifully written book about housekeeping.  I gave it once as a bridal gift to the new daughter-in-law of one of my more OCD acquaintances (she admitted to having to limit herself to an hour of cleaning a day, otherwise she'd never stop) and the soon-to-be mother-in-law called to thank me for the gift (because she knew her new DIL would need it), "Now is this something you have, er, used for a while or something new for you?" 

Honestly, I kept my house incredibly and totally clean for 10 months after reading this book.  I was able to host Fritz's 40th birthday party without having to do more than empty the dishwasher and put a few magazines away.  Thus proving to myself it could be done. 

(It can be done.  But I don't know that it's all that interesting to expend the effort to stay quite that clean.)

And so, since we will not be returning to the topic of household hints again this coming year, I will pass on the sum total of What I Know about Cleaning:

I bet most of you knew that already. 

But I spent, seriously, whole months of time during my childhood trying to scrub burnt spots off pans.  A tablespoon of baking soda rubs those stubborn spots right off.

And now, if you didn't know, you do.


Mrs. Organic said...

And here is one thing I've learned this year: club soda is a wonder drug for glass.

Pour it into a spray bottle, apply, wipe, and you'll have streak-free mirrors and glass doors. And I think I need that book.

Linnea said...

As a mother of 8, I would say that the accumulation of less "stuff" means less you have to organize and put away!

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