Friday, October 16, 2009

wherein I receive the adulation of the reading public - or something like that

"Are you taking a picture of Walgreens?"

It's a young guy.  Whose trick bike, it looks like, is the one in the rack next to YoungSon's and mine.

"Yeah, weird, huh?"  I barely glance down, slide my notepad and pens out of his way with my foot.

"Why?"  he asks, squatting down by his front tire.

uh . . . "It's for a project."

"What kind of project?" Which makes me look up from the camera. Post-high-school Goth.  Facial hardware. 


"Do you write books?"  Eagerly.  As if writing books were really as exciting as really it is.

"Well, writing one.  Like everybody, right?"   

He thinks this is very funny.

"That's cool."  And he stands around to watch.

What I do.

Until I'm done.

And then YoungSon and I ride off.  We wave good-bye to him as we loop and swoop away and he waves back.  Happily.  As if he were much younger.

This is after a day where I have to explain in committee that I'll be streamlining my schedule so I can write a (bad, possibly execrable) novel in November.

"Have you ever finished anything?"

"Occasionally, yeah."

"Ever published anything?"

"Poems.  A few.  But you know  . . . that's not really the kind of question you're supposed to ask. . . it's kind of like asking a lady's age.  Or weight."

And then later, from another, "Well, good luck.  That's just like my son.  He's an extremely talented writer.  Last year his sixth grade teacher said . . . "

This is after my brother-in-law points out, "You realize at this rate, it will take you at least . . . what? . . . nine, ten years to finish your book."

This is -



Replay this loop:  "Eagerly . . . That's cool." 

Over and over.

And now get back to work.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Yes, that is very cool. And, I'm excited for you.

Facial hardware. I'd never heard it termed that but immediately had a visual. Thanks for the term.

At bookclub yesterday (I do love our bookclub) we were discussing the boon in non-fiction right now and the dearth in fiction. So, please, forge onward. Write, Emma J, write.

Lisa B. said...

Oh, the hellishness.

Yes, it's cool. It is cool. Say it over and over again: cool. You're a writer. You write. And I love that guy who gets it, and who'll say it.

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