Sunday, November 29, 2009

49,842 - the battery charger failed me during the long drive home last night so after 3 hours writing and building up steam I had to close up shop.  I spent long dark hours watching shadowy hills pass by and feeling the story seep out of me. 

Instead we played a game:  

"Okay, I've got my animal.  Guess, yes or no?"

"Mammal?  Bird?  Fish?  Insect?  Parasite? Mollusc?  Freshwater?"

"Does it have six legs?  Antennae?  Is it red?  brown?  green?"

"Is it native to Oregon?  Have you ever seen one?"

"Is it poisonous?"

"Does it have three syllables in its name?  Does the first syllable begin with a? b? c? d?"

158 more words is no problem. 

It's just how to get to the ending and what that ending is - (mammal?  fish?  parasite?  Does the second syllable begin with a p?q?r?) 

Fritz says to celebrate just for the 50,000.  But I wanted a story, not just a lot of words. 

O please, dear Muse, send me a story ending that sizzles.  Just one more day.  Please.


Lisa B. said...

Celebrate those words, ma'am.

Maybe you can take a moment--whenever, tomorrow if the time's right--to sketch the possible ending(s)? Whatever it is, you're so much closer, right?

Congratulations on the splendid endeavor and all its beautiful rewards. I am in awe.

Mrs. Organic said...

Fantastic! I knew you had it in you!

Good thing muses tend to be cooperative in these cases - or so I've heard. (I'm really wishing I was one of your sisters so I could read it). Congratulations.

Melissa said...

I must admit I am very grateful I am one of your sisters who gets to read your story (and not just because I get to read your story). The only drawback, however, is that means I have to share my frankstein to be read, too. I'm with you about wanting a sizzling ending, though any ending at this point is tantalizing. I'm glad we did this, Emma J, and just think, tomorrow our free moments will be our own once more! Oh, and I have about 1200 words left to go, but no clear ending in sight.

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