Saturday, November 28, 2009

coming to an end

I have some new stories to tell - though maybe not in their unretouched and recognizable forms, perhaps not here in this venue - but information, scraps of conversation, personal details - to be tossed into some later fictional stew - which is for me one of the best parts about visiting family at the holidays.  Years past it used to make me feel like some kind of monster, this doubleness - that even while I'm experiencing something a part of me is thinking, So how would you write this on paper? Now I just go with it.

As of Wednesday night - 44,489.
As of Friday night - 46,010

I've got 4,000 words left to go.  Wednesday was a 10 hour ride beneath a laptop from which I had no way to run and no Internet access.  I've got the same weather conditions facing me today.  Something wonderful happens - or happened - at about 2000 words  - the story starting to gel and flow at the same time.  I hope it happens again today.

Next time you see me, I should be done.
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