Wednesday, November 18, 2009

a way through

According to the NaNoWriMo schedule, Week Three is where you are supposed to shake off the doldrums of Week Two and suddenly blast off into super-productivity and etcetera. 

I never was that great at following other people's schedules.

No surprise then that, so far, Week Three has not lived up to expectation.  After a weekend entertaining the almost irresistible desire to quit, and sitting at the computer all Saturday night Not Writing, I decided to suspend my personal No Read rule and spent Sunday afternoon reading Civil to Strangers by Barbara Pym (it is a short novel).  I always read Barbara Pym when in extremis.  She never lets me down - years ago I whooped and hooted through my first miscarriage reading Excellent Women and this Sunday, Pym comfortingly confided (from the introduction):
The spy novel she did finish, although she found the necessity for a complicated plot tiresome ("It is getting involved and I don't quite know what I am driving at.  That's the worst of a plot.")
Not that I found it any easier the next day to carry on my own plodding plotting.  In fact, all day Monday I also spent in front of the computer Not Writing, and then telling Fritz that really hadn't I tried my best and that I couldn't keep wasting my days like this and that there was no shame in quitting, to which he said, "Are you kidding?  It would be humiliating!  You better get down there and write," which of course made me mad until about 9:30 when I decided I couldn't in fact quit and instead I'd cross out (but not erase - wordcount!) the last chapter that was lying so dead in the water and go back to where the rescue should happen but instead leave the mud boy of my creation in the clutches of the villians and gallop on from there in the opposite direction.  Which got me nearly to the word count for the day.

For as I mentioned in yesterday's post,  I had to stop about 80 words short of goal.  Please know this was not without a valiant effort at pushing through.  But at that point of the day (night? next day?) though I tried to set out into the next chapter I was having a little trouble keeping the thread of the story -
"LI vwatch es wlimg up the eide of a box carried by 4 ill=gosh, Anatomically informative"
Sad thing is I reworked that sentence several times - polishing it, you know.  Sadder still, looking at it now I have no idea what I was trying to say. 

(It kills me though that I did get those last two words so nicely spelled!)

So today - Tuesday - I took a vacation from writing.  I cleaned the kitchen.  I folded laundry.   I made phone calls (satisfyingly berating the con-artists at idearc media who keep billing us for a service we've never signed up for).  I took a bath.  I read the blue flower by Penelope Fitzgerald - ahh!  Then I went to the dentist with YoungSon, ate dinner with the children, and to youth night with Middlest.

Then wrote to 28,756 words - which puts me behind schedule but not hating my story so much any more.  Certainly I can write with more perseverance tomorrow and make up the deficit.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

"Are you kidding, it would be humiliating!" Oh ho. Good thing we have someone to push us along, Emma, isn't it.

Keep a goin', keep a goin'.

Mrs. Organic said...

Woo! Sometimes resting your mind with routine tasks and quality time with family sets your mind to spinning again. Keep at it!

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