Sunday, December 13, 2009

neither riding, nor writing

But I do offer you:

A Week in Pictures
[click links beneath for Flickr sets for each day]

Sunday                                         Monday                          Tuesday 

Wednesday                                      Thursday                       Friday

which I must admit, makes my life look plenty idyllic.  And reminds me of pictures I took once of plants another's generosity had  allowed me to plant in my garden, pictures seen by an aunt, who shortly after wasn't able to recognize my actual garden as the same garden.

Close-ups here and soft-focus there and drowning out the background with a fog of light.  Avoid the flash.  Bask in available light.  Keep a steady hand.  Shape my view around the beloved. 

Is this a philosophy to live by?


Filigree said...

I thought I spotted a bicycle wheel in one of the photos, but then I realise I mistook the bak of a chair for spokes. I guess my brain has become specialized in velo pattern-matching : )

Avoiding the flash is a familiar pursuit.

Lisa B. said...

I love the lights in your daughter's hands. I am such a sucker for an image like that. Beautiful!

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