Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dream Cycle: "Joy of Riding #2: The Basket"

Last week I stuck my head around the office door when I heard the voice of a friend of mine - "I thought that was you!"

She looked up and laughed, "You crack me up, by the way."

"Why?  Because I'm so weird?"

"Yes, but that's why I love you so much."

"So what lately is so cracking you up?"

"Well, I was reading your biking blog."

"Ah . . . "

Apparently I am obsessed. 

And this week it is to my bike basket that I sing the praises.  I love my basket.  I think everyone ought to have one.  Whether they bike or not.

That's all.

Unless you want more?  In which case, you'll just have to click. . .


Lisa B. said...

A basket is the best. Mine's wire is too widely woven to be as efficient as yours. But I can return library books with my basket, and take mail to the post office, and buy a small amount of groceries. It is good. A basket is good.

Moria said...

Okay, miss. We, too, like your weirdness. Partly because it's weird, and partly because it comes with pretty words and pictures and things. HOWEVER. We are vaguely vexed by the Five Blog Syndrome. We have just piled them all into our RSS reader, but this complicates things. We already have folders there for "academic/literary," "food," "photography." We have no bike folder but we could make one, as our bike-geek friends are legion. Or are we meant not to scatter these blogs into their categories but keep them together? Does Emma deserve her Very Own RSS reader folder? The taxonomy is beginning to be strained.

We shall keep reading (the weirdness and the words and the pictures and things, you know); but we shall mutter quietly for a while, too.

m e l i g r o s a said...

flowers are never enough!! us bloggers are crazy basket cases :DDD ha haaa
much luv from SF ♥m

Emma J said...

Lisa B. - Why am I not surprised that you also have a basket and know its goodness?

Moria - Do not be vexed. The ImaginaryBike contains all: cycles and epicycles, orb in orb. Links to the other more specialized blogs will appear in IB posts and always along the side menu.

We are sad to cause muttering, but very happy to be read. We cannot seem to help our weirdness nor our multivocality.

meligrosa - cheers and kind regards from one northern basket case to another further south!

Moria said...

For – TWICE – citing my favorite (a) book and (b) line of PL, you win a prize. I don't know what the prize is (yet) but you win it.

(Where is the other citation? On one of the other blogs, perhaps. Yes! Because you had an image of an early typeface. Which reminded me that I still owe you a Southwell PDF. Which was too large for a single e-mail, and so needs to be broken up, which I cannot do on my own computer. Hence delay. Right.)

Emma J said...

I'll claim the Southwell as prize!

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