Friday, February 5, 2010

Dream Cycle: "Joy of Riding #1: Cycling in a Skirt"

 . . . or Definitely Schizophrenic

I'm not sure this multiple blogs thing is going to work out.  I can't seem to decide whether a post is a Dream Cycle post (all-bike) or one for the Imaginary Bicycle  (bikes and other cycles: life, epic, Krebs, wash, pop- . . . )

I am certain sure that most bike readers don't want to hear about the other cycles that are making me dizzy, but do you, my  dears, want to hear about my bikely obsessions and raptures?

Would you like a link you can click when I post on the all-bike blog?

Or should I treat the all-bike blog as a digest and publish everything here first and just extract the bikely stuff to publish over there?

Please advise soonest.



Mrs. Organic said...

Yes, please - a bicycle extraction or at least, a link. What a lovely bicycle (one cannot really use the word bike as a noun when it has that much style). Must also add here - beautiful skirts and you could enver resemble Miss Gulch.

Emma J said...

And yet - I did hear someone call out, "Run, Toto, run!" :)

Lisa B. said...

A. I love riding in a skirt. When I bought my cruiser (a Raleigh, red, like Pee Wee's), it was one of my greatest joys to ride in a skirt, and thus it remains.

B. I think you should do what makes your blog life easiest. And then let us know. I, lisab., support you either way.

Emma J said...

B: You mean there are no rules to this thing? Ack!

A: Oo, a Raleigh, red! That was one of my other coveted bicycles - I'm almost disappointed I didn't draw out the hunting so that I could test-ride all the bikes that caught my eye.

Melissa said...

I agree with Mrs. O's. I would like to read your bicycling exploits here, and then you could copy and extract all-bike bits for your other blog. This could be the open to all life writing forum, then lazy fans like me need only go one place to view all that Emma J offers, at least bloggily.

Melissa said...

And, oooooo, I do love your new bicycle!!

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