Sunday, February 21, 2010

Virtual Blogging

Which doesn't leave much for you to read but does wonders for peeling wallpaper and ugly holes in the wall. 

And as well this week has been a series of days like this:

 . . . which required much riding of the bike for every conceivable errand (and even a few inconceivable).  Not to mention the wearing of the Happy Shoes -

No.  Wait.  Have I really fallen so far that I would show you a picture of my happy little piggies in their favorite red sandals?  Have I no pride?

Apparently, only the smallest smidgen: no pictures of the piggies, but wouldn't these make any feet dancing feet?

And in case you're wondering (if not, please scroll ahead very fast before reading what follows . . . ) - Yes, these 3 inch heels are, in fact, a cinch to bike in.  They are, in fact, a fantastic motivator to bike all the way up the hill without stopping because what they're not so much a cinch at is climbing, hiking, et al.

However days of blue sky succeeding blue sky means that any scraping, nailing, painting must be done by lamplight.  And all in all, there has been no time left for other more webby pursuits.


Ben Johnson, who breathed the same bad London air as Will Shakespeare, described his son (in "On My First Sonne") as "Ben. Johnson his best piece of poetrie."

And I'd have to say, in my book, this refurbished wall is a hot contender for Emma J's Best Post.


Mrs. Organic said...

I love those strappy red shoes and I bet they look great with your bicycle. Wainscot is such a nice finishing touch, the bathroom is beautiful so I guess you're forgiven for not writing more.

P.S. Please send some of that blue sky my way.

Tiffany said...

It's so pretty! I really love it, good job!

Toshia said...

Love, love, love the after pics! I can't wait to see it on Thursday (I have a weakness for molding that Andrew won't let me indulge in this house...)

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