Friday, March 12, 2010

Dream Cycle: "The Old Bike" and "The Cleverness of Clever Cycles"

For those who have been wondering, yesterday was Fritz's biopsy.  We are encouraged to hope. Results in a week.  But we have reason to believe this may be the last biopsy.

And being the bikety people we are, we chose to celebrate with our Togetherness Outing #7 (thirteen more to go) by poking around some nearby bike shops.  Not my favorite cycle shop - Clever Cycles is too far for a quick swing past.  But Performance and Bike Gallery - fun places all the same.  Pretty cruisers right on the main, central section of the floor.  Nutcase helmets.  Baskets and bright-colored woven panniers.  Interesting bike parts.

I am (with the knowledgeable advice of my dear one - but hands off, Fritz! well, mostly) adapting my old long-distance bike to be more comfortable and useful.  You can read all about it over at Dream Wheels . . . if this isn't already more bikety detail than you can stand.

One of the shop clerks, a likable, humorous young guy, found two seat posts for me - neither of which would work.  One because it was a suspension post which is what I am replacing because it wobbles around too much and gives me less control.  The other because it is black.  And black just doesn't go with a dark blue bike - "which is of course very important to me," I told him with mock (and also real) sincerity.  And with zero apology.

There are lovely things about being 43 and one of them is realizing you really don't have to apologize.

He laughed.  And suggested, with an engaging twinkle, that I might like "Carbon fiber?  Guaranteed to make you go very fast."

"Mm-hm."  We laughed back.

And that's another thing about being 43.  I don't have to go fast to be happy.  I'm a slow rider but I'm strong . . . and the world is full of roads . . . and the weather getting warmer.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Yes, yes, that is a good thing to have a world full of roads and the weather getting warmer. I enjoy reading about your Togetherness Outings.

Emma J said...

Nice to hear from you, Jane. Fritz says this Outing hardly counts and he wouldn't let me count today when we worked on the bikes together in the garage - I think he likes them, too!

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