Wednesday, July 28, 2010

think green again

I've bought laundry line and clothespins more than once over the years.

But Fritz, my darling dear, has been dead set against clotheslines.

Muttering things like "Third World," before Middlest informed him that was inaccurate, that "Emerging Economies" is preferred.  Muttering thereafter "Corn Whiskey" and "Appalachia" and "Pet Chickens" instead.

And when I mutter back "Trellis" and "Honeysuckle, "  he mutters "Inadvertent Decapitation."

To which the only answer is a muttered, "Reasonable Attention and/or Intelligence."


And thus we have run the dryer day after day after hottest day of many summers.

But this, my dears, is another verse in the ongoing Paen to Hardware Stores, home of useful things.  For lo, Ace sells light, collapsible drying racks, cunningly and simply made (and in the U.S.) of wooden dowels and pegs and sanded sticks - and two blue rubber bands at the top on either side (as buffer?  to maintain proper tension?  for purposes aesthetical?)

And now our clothes come in from an overnight drying charmingly crisp and unwrinkled, smelling of whatever's blooming - lavender lately and ripening apples. 

And the dryer stays quiet and cool.


Lisa B. said...

I love love love my collapsible drying rack. We dry a few things in the dryer, especially in the winter (towels come to mind--mmmm, warm. In the winter.), but mainly the drying rack is in pretty much constant operation.

Melody said...

Anything dried in the open air is better than anything dried in a drum. Pretty much. Mostly.

We lived for several years (in Provo Utah, nice middle-class neighborhood) without a dryer. My oldest child, who had spent time in Europe, liked it. I told my kids it was very European. I felt French.

Emma J said...

Yes, I feel very European, too. On the days I don't feel like my beloved grandmother who had her own clothesline twined around with honeysuckle.

Both very good way to feel.

And then to later open a drawer of clothes all imbued with the scent of summer. Mmmm.

Mrs. Organic said...

Whenever I hang dry in the summer, my wash comes out smelling like the heads of sweaty little boys.

I will have to try drying them over night, perhaps they will smell sweeter? Our garrote is retractable.

Emma J said...

Or maybe I just like the smell of sweaty little boy scalp? A close friend here can't stand the smell of line-dried clothes.

?? Is the difference in us our in our laundry?

Fresca said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog!
I'm glad you liked my photos---it looks like you and I share an eye for details--the place where the bars of a drying rack meet up, a funny sign...

I am car-free so my bike provides both transportation and recreation.
Bike on!

ArtSparker said...

You can add England to third world countries in this regard - Outside on a spinning rack in the summer, inside on a hanging rack above of the stove in winter. Utilities there are much more expensive.

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