Monday, August 9, 2010

The Bike Report (5/5): Riding, Riding, Done!

Seattle-to-Portland in One Day.

To succeed (I have been told) you need to average more than 16mph.

That's including stops.  Which means actually pedaling somewhere near a consistent 18 mph. At a minimum.

I wouldn't know.  I drove sag wagon.  Which means actually driving very slowly and alertly, avoiding the thousands of other cyclists on the route from stop to stop with cell phone on speaker and a good book at hand (Un Lun Dun - the children's version of City & the City - Mieville is obsessed with alternate metropoli - and lately, reading him, so am I.)

But she, remarkable and amazing she,

she knows how every 204 of those miles feels,

because she pedaled every one of them, starting from the first pearly light of 4:30 a.m. until late-late and utter darkness - helped by friends who rode just ahead to cut the wind, both encouraged and encouraging - for who can give up while the other is still pedaling? -

until the very end . . .

1 Day Rider!

What better way to finish off a last summer at home? 

for one more rainy ride of this last summer together, see: Big Rock Candy Mountain


Clowncar said...

she looks so happily exhausted.

I'm about to dig into my first Mielville: Kraken. on hold at the library while I trudge through the last 100 pages of Tree of Smoke.

Emma J said...

Ooo, enjoy. I've read the teaser to Kraken at the back of City & City and now that's next on my list too.

Velouria said...


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