Wednesday, October 27, 2010

the answer is YES

To those who have enquired - yes (OH YES!) I am about to embark on a lovely luscious month-long glut of writing another first draft of a novel.  This year's venue is the strange world of computer programmers - and all their bizarrely profitable poetry in binary code - also including fantasias on geodesic domes and dancing laser lights and New Mexican Medusa-hair.

Currently I am setting up this coming month's posts to encourage me along (and possibly entertain/ interest you?).  I'll be letting you into it more than last year which seems appropriate with a techno-topic like this one because I'm going to be posting my outlined writing prompt of the day - so feel free to comment whatever off-topic, tangential, whimsical or contentious first thought comes to mind, I'll be looking to you for random bits of inspiration.

As for last year's novel - I have in fact been doing some revising/ rewriting/ reworking and y'know, it's not so lame as I had feared.

Even, maybe, a heartbeat there?

Maybe something perhaps living?  (OH, the JOY!)

Meanwhile, and in the spirit of all things writerly: I do love Brevity this week.   Would we were all so able to undercut nastiness so sweetly.  And laugh at the very idea of rejection.  And just laugh - you really don't want to miss this one. 

And that's all in addition to Brevity's clearinghouse of calls for submissions - a few of which for whom (what? where? which?) I am readying mss as well.


ArtSparker said...

Oh, I would be interested in seeing some of what you write if you are comfortable showing your writing...I just read an experimental novel by a friend who wrote about a world of virtual reality involving Toy Story characters , Henry James and a few others...and yours sounds like a sort of cousin.

Clowncar said...

so nice to hear your last one is alive. nothing so miraculous as a living breathing work of art.

do you have a daily minimum? a couple thousand words a day?

Melissa said...

I'm excited for you and this year's novel just hoveringly waiting to be born. And I'm excited for you that you feel last years has a pulse, I always thought it probably did, having been written by you! I look forward to your posts this next month...

Melissa said...

And the gigantic typewriter?! I love it!

Mrs. Organic said...

Yay! And that's all I have to say about that.

The more you write, the happier I feel.

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