Monday, November 1, 2010

"Come Along" (An Approximate Fit)

chapter 1
First chapters.  For there is space there.  Void but not empty.  Like a yard of unmarked snow.  Like the sound of the orchestra tuning itself, that hem and haw.  Like the rising hum of the swarm about to take to the air.

This project seized hold of me suddenly in the midst of reading a short article (The Economist, September 4th, 2010, pgs. 25-26)

Who argues with the Muse?

Not me.  Even if I do sometimes try to ignore her nudgings.

But not today.

Today I aim to write 2500 words set to the tune of "Come Along" by Jaron Lanier.

Of which tune he writes:

This piece was intended to have a salutary alchemical effect on a difficult love relationship.  There are two lead instruments that play in completely different scales that would normally not be able to play simultaneously and sonorously.

One of the lead instruments is an
Esraj, a bowed sitar-like instrument from the Bengal region of India and the other is a Suling flute from Bali. They alternate at first, in order to avoid conflict, but at the end there is a chord smeared on the background that has been extended to the point that it contains both instruments' scales, and in this context they can play at once. The abstraction of western harmony resolves conflicts, through an approximate fit, just like western laws.
00 words down |  50,000 words to go

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Lisa B. said...

LOVE that excerpt. Go, novelist, go!

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