Thursday, November 11, 2010

not BAAAd

But not so GOAT either.

And where is the fun fun fun?

I'm not going to make it by the end of the month - not with all the family coming and sweet-sour et cetera - unless I can double my total tomorrow.  This is just barely in the Realms of the Imaginable.

But at least there was writing today. 

8085 words down  |  41915 words to go


Mrs. Organic said...

Whose idea was it to be in November anyway? Why not a useless month, like March. Nothing good happens in March, unless it's a brithday.

Lisa B. said...

I say, the whole thing about nanowrimo is that, (a) if you get a whole draft done, bully for you, but (b) even if you don't, maybe you've got a head start? so hurray for writing. 8085 words is a lot of words!

Melody said...

All I am (really not even, but I'm trying to be) capable of is NaBloPoMo.

You're a goddess.

And, what Lisa said.

Emma J said...

What is this Na BloPoMo? - Melody, you're the not the first to mention it. Oh wait, I forget we live in the Google Age. I can just ask Uncle Google who has some kind of answers to everything.

But I won't, because right now I'm going offline so that I can power my way to some serious wordcount.

love and kisses to all of you!

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