Monday, December 27, 2010

guest post: Thank you, Small Things

posted by Middlest

This year has held a lot of big things for me. Some good and some bad.

Christmas Eve was full of small things. All good.

Thank you red pepper full of small white seeds on a green cutting board. A reminder to have faith. "Faith is like a little seed. If planted it will grow . . ."

Thank you small vegetables being sauteed to be placed on pizza. Thank you for sizzling and sending off sweet and slightly spicy smells. Cooking peppers always makes me think of family. Maybe because the sound of the vegetables is cozy and everyone stops by the stove top to see what's cooking. Thank you for family.

And in the background, Taylor Swift singing about looking past the tinsel of Christmas and what would be left?
         "Something holy and not superficial
               So here's to the birthday boy who saved our lives - "

Thank you for Christmas. Thank you for this holy holiday that was spent with family. Thank you for the reason we have this holiday. Thank you Jesus, for giving your life for me.

posted by Middlest


Clowncar said...

small things are the best things.

nice job, middlest. you write well. here's my favorite sentence: "Maybe because the sound of the vegetables is cozy and everyone stops by the stove top to see what's cooking."

Cait said...

Thank You Middlest, for small things like hugs and smiles and matchies

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