Wednesday, December 1, 2010

simple chicken

My dears ~

neighbors, friends and strangers, if any are still listening out there ~

you may have noticed that November has ended.  And thus endeth National Novel Writing Month.

We must report there was no grand total of 50,000 words.

But I'm turning in tonight with a respectable 12,505  - just over a quarter of goal.  And let us not forget, 12,505 is that much many more words than if no attempt at all had been made this particular year of craziness and acute distraction.

I have four strong chapter drafts - more than a quarter of my 15 nicely roughed out.   In a much more usable form than last year's sprawl. And a particularly fruitful and excitingly generative modus of operandi going.  And I am more fascinated than ever by this topic/ project/ exploration.

So, do you think I can pull off another 12,500 through the month of December? 

Come on!  That's just 12 and a half days of a thousand words - which is about two hours' steady writing each weekday until school holidays bring all the chicks home to roost once more. 

Song dynasty,  wikipedia

Chicken scratch!  Eggs over easy!  Simple chicken!


Lisa B. said...


Mrs. Organic said...

Of course!

B said...

MMM, I love eggs over easy.

Especially for a 3pm snack.

Very French.

ArtSparker said...

It's so close to exercise-When one stops avoiding it, it becomes addictive I find. It's difficult with the life you have and its demands to make a habit, though.

Clowncar said...

I suspect it doesn't "reek of cocoa and desperation" (love that phrase)

I heard somebody say a first novel is (for most) a practice novel. it teaches you how to organize all that material, both in your head and on the page. sounds like you did that last year. this year you are slower, but more focused.

good luck. novels are large, fast, greased pigs to chase.

Emma J said...

Clowncar - you make it sound so appealing. Though they do say pig are particularly intelligent pets.

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