Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thank you, Apple & Almonds

What satisfactions in simple sufficiency
Since the surfeit of this season's seasonings -
Superabundance of cinnamon, savory,
Sweeties and salties all sizzling and sparkling -
But ah! apple (one) and almonds (ten)
An easy handful raw, unsalted and unadorned
Nutty bite balancing bursting bite of fruit
Tantalizing tasty, tangy-sweet, crisply tart -
Simply sumptuous, sensuously simple,
I sing you soaringly in shadow and sharp sun!


Fresca said...

Happy New Year, Emma!
I love this series, and I'm thankful for your blog.
Best to you in 2011!

Melody said...

I've avoided reading because I knew it was coming to an end . . . but I'm okay with it now. Just so ya know.

Lovely apples and almonds. Lovely day. Happy New Year and good writing to you.

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