Sunday, December 19, 2010

Thank you, Baby Born

Thank you for this baby in particular, son of my friend (also sister) Jackie, son also of my brother (also friend) Rob.  For what the sight of you spells out in me about hope and optimism.  For your tiny hands and the warm burden of you against my heart. 

And thank you for every baby born.  For the smallness that will grow large and strong;  vulnerability that will ripen into ability; this limited present that will reach into a wider future.  For the need in you that calls forth courage in us older ones to make safe, to make right, to make needed changes in the world you will grow up in.

And thank you to that other Baby, born in the middle of time, son of Mary and Son of God.

Thank You for being born in weakness, in an oppressed nation, in need.  For growing into the Man who walked among fishermen and prostitutes, who healed many kinds of blindness and helped the lame walk back into the light.  Thank You for carrying me and them and all of us against your heart, for changing us, for giving us courage to change.  For reaching out to me and this baby and all babies born here, now, then, there, newly young and increasingly old.  Thank You for offering us all the fullest gift of strength in weakness, safety in danger, and an ever widening future.


Melissa said...

He is such a beautiful little boy! I feel the same as you about babies...

Anonymous said...

Thank you MaryJan. ....for the beautiful sentiment, and for the visit. You are a treasure and I am so glad you are a part of my family.


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