Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Thank you, Canned Soup

C you are so convenient - so canned, so close at hand, so canny a choice before one of the too-many carb-loaded festivities of the season.
A you are so all the time available - and at short notice. 
N you are so nutritious - compared to the peanut brittle and Christmas cookies and chocolate-covered pretzels I could have filled up on instead - but you have spinach! and carrot juice concentrate! and 4% of the Recommended Daily Allowance for Calcium, 10% of the Vitamin A!!
N you are so natural (you say)- 100% Natural, in fact and, No MSG added*  (*Except for the small amount naturally occurring in yeast extract). And Real (!) Parmesan Cheese!!
E you are so effervescent - not really and not a good sign if you were, but it was too easy to say you are so easy, though you are - something hot in the tummy on a cold night in less than five minutes -- no wonder we're so under your thumb, Sir and/or Madam Campbell.
D you are so dang convenient.  Did I say that already?  Ditto, then.  

S you are so satisfaction guaranteed - how many other things in life can make that kind of promise?
O you are so obvious - CAUTION, you say, Metal edges are sharpAnd "Real ingredients" are ingredients you understand. I appreciate that kind of clarity on a day like today.  And also how you explain:
Potassium Chloride is a type of salt that adds flavor.
Maltodextrin is a carbohydrate that comes from potato or corn starch.
Xanthan Gum and Locust Bean Gum are ingredients that provide texture. (Yum.   Yum.)
U you are so up-to-the-minute.  You have your own website:  www(dot)selectharvest(dot)com.  You are cooked with care in the USA keeping our fellow citizens employed and helping lift the trade deficit.  And moreover your label is printed with SOY INK.
P you have a pop-top lid - which is just another way of saying: you are so very, very convenient.  Who cares if your meatballs look like kibble floating at the top of the thermos? You are warm and better than nothing and come Ready to Serve.

Thank you.


Lisa B. said...

my go-to canned soup is plain old red-label Campbell's Vegetarian Vegetable. I love it. Not every day, but if I have a can of it in my cupboard, I feel just that more provided for. With crackers and cheese crumbled in, it is comforting in a way that almost nothing else I make from scratch is. Isn't that funny? It feels like it is totally there for me, in the way a reliable friend or family member is.

Linnea said...

Why just today my girls were asking for chicken noodle soup to warm them up on a snowy day, and being a mother who wants them to eat healthy and can spare 2 minutes to zap it in the microwave, I obliged. Thank-you Campbell's!

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