Monday, December 6, 2010

Thank you, Due Time

For coming for my dear old neighbor so neighborly.

Thank you for allowing her 97 years, completed with the dignity we all wish for. 

Thank you for making room for her life to overlap with mine, for the moments you gave me for quick stops in her tiny tidy house with its constant pile of books and the well-weeded flower beds she tended on her hands and knees.  Thank you for the moments you allowed me to catch my breath, perched on her flowered couch, before biking back home and up the hill, and the sparks of courage I drew from her dogged pugnaciousness and fresh feistiness.

And grant her, Time at last, in that library beyond the glass, the chance to finally read Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier, which she had been saving because she knew it would be so good, saving it for when she might someday really need something wonderful to read - a habit we shared and recognized in one another - saving it to read in due time -

You, who have come for her now, so quietly and quickly.

Thank you.


Lisa B. said...

beautiful. you are praising The Difficulties right now, a good thing to do, a brave thing. thank you.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

My sympathies and condolences to you, Emma J.

Also, this is one of my favorite posts. Personifying safety and due time have made them, well . . . real.

Melody said...

Beautiful. Thanks.

ArtSparker said...

Sweet. May it be so for all of us.

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