Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Thank you, Forgotten Photos

Look at you, Forgotten Photos, you who have been keeping yourself to yourself in a camera tucked at the back of a drawer.

Like finding five dollars in the pocket of an old coat - that same sizzle of pleasure unlooked-for.

You've been saving all this time morning light waiting to re-dawn.

You've been keeping bright a brilliance of leaves still unfallen in the stillness of your focused view . . .

fiery leaves from your silent and everlasting now that for me in this roaring parallel Now have faded and drifted down and been trampled and blown into dust and mud.

You've kept still even the momentary arabesque of clouds.

Written (graphein) in light (photos), you've saved for me a golden afternoon.

You've saved a moment of reflection as I sat aside from my family's grief at their grandpa's passing . . .

and a moment where nothing really happened, a moment I only remember the sweetness of now.

Thank you.


Lisa B. said...


We have photos floating around everywhere in this house. I love the surprise of them.

Adrienne Johnson said...

A few years ago when my oldest boy first started his bumpy journey through epilepsy I found an undeveloped roll of film behind the bed where the cat had batted it. I knew it was old, I no longer used that brand of film and hadn't for quite a few years. When I got the developed pictures back, they were shots of the boy and me meeting Winnie the Poo in a book store when the boy was just three years old. I was standing in line to pay for the developing, looking at the pictures in complete awe of how small and happy and lovely he was. It was a wonderful moment and I wish could my more of those film rolls!

Emma J said...

I love your story, Adrienne - love it.

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