Friday, December 3, 2010

Thank you, Rubber Band

For you do as you are expected and in particular -

For you are broad and stiff and creamy white

For you have printed on you ORGANIC Asparagus PLU# 94080 Produce of USA  in regards to which can spring be far behind? and presently

For you hold together a dropped pocket camera which is under warranty from only yet this August but which warranty sadly says the salesclerk does not cover owner abuse which owner would claim rather accident but oh well

For you, dear Rubber Band, hold together bouquets of asparagus and damaged cameras and all else which you are bound around quite nicely.

Thank you.


Fresca said...

Oh, this Thank-You project is going to be more fun than I'd imagined! I LIKE this homage to the rubber band.
Thank you.

Linnea said...

My condolences to your poor camera who met his demise so early in life. This does not usually happen to me until the day AFTER the warrenty expires...

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