Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Thank you, Wooden Hangers

Though you've done nothing more than hang around in your wooden and well-spaced sort of way. 

I can't even say it was you who inspired the vehement closet-cleaning, the fanatic bagging up, the merciless depositions and dispersals.  That would be thank you, the Miseries - but that was one thank-you just too hard a stretch for my gratitude. 

Thank you, Miseries - for leaving, I could say that.  Thank you for slinking out of the house along with the few-to-dozens of bags of  that materiality which oppresses [see "The Tyranny of Things" by Elisabeth Morris nearly a century ago - coming to us now by way of Patrick Madden's Quotidiana by way of Dinty Moore's Brevity - both of whom I am shockingly often grateful for]. 

But you, Wooden Hangers, you I can thank wholeheartedly for just being you - which in your case means smoothly sanded and appealingly variable in grain and color.  Thank you for campaigning in your quiet way for spareness and choice in our tiny closet, for rewarding us now with yourselves ranged all along the length of the closet rod, making space around only the things we use and like - and good riddance to all those maybe-sometime-might-come-in-handy obstructions to a simpler life, that load of excess materiality that went out with the Miseries.

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Lisa B. said...

So you're saying all it would take is wooden hangers? I'm thinking about it.

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