Friday, February 11, 2011

guest post: Temple Grandin

posted by YoungSon

    To be a hero I think you need some special qualities.  First,  I think you should have a want to do the thing you're doing.  Second, I think you should not be bothered by your looks overly much. Third, to be a hero you should be able to work hard.  Last of all, you shouldn't give up if people think your invention is useless and never going to work.

     My hero, or at least one of them, is Temple Grandin.  She had autism but was a born genius.  The great thing she did was rebuild the whole structure of slaughterhouses making it much more comforting for the animals.  She paid attention to what cows naturally did.  She loved cows and said that we were responsible for being as gentle as possible to them if we were going to raise them.  If we didn't raise cattle then they would just be rare species kept in zoos. 

     Many people had faith in her project from the very beginning, but others didn't.  People made fun of her and taunted her.  She kept on working hard though enduring all the insults and found great success.  About when she was finished, people started changing their attitude and saw that her plan worked and they could make a profit.  They started supporting her and when she finished, most slaughterhouses changed their models and redid their whole factory.

     I think Temple Grandin has encouraged me to work harder at the things I like to do. She taught me not to give up as easily as I might have otherwise.  I think that helps me to think about my future and get the best life possible.  Temple Grandin's mentor was her science teacher.  He helped her think about ideas in a different way that led to a more constructive pattern of thinking which helped her to figure out what to do in life.  Her teacher helped her until he died.  She is my hero because she overcame the challenges of autism and helped our world.


Melissa said...

What a wonderful post. You have an engaging voice of expression, and I hope you do persevere with your dreams and ambitions. I think the world has some hope with young men like you preparing to take over.

(And the previous deleted posts were mine, I was signed in under hubby's account...)

Emma J said...

I love this definition of a hero. Am taking it to heart.
Especially the part about working hard and then keep working.
Will do.
Right after I stop worrying so overmuch about the way I look . . . in print as much as in the mirror . . .

Clowncar said...

This is so well written, YoungSon, and so clearly expressed. Coincidentally, my wife brought home that movie a couple of weeks back for us all to watch. I had thought my daughters too young to be interested, but they were rapt. Reading your thoughts help me understand why.

B said...


Thank you for your lovely guest post on Imaginary Bicycle. I too love Temple, I have for years. Sometimes I wish I had a squeeze machine.

Sister Dudzic

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