Sunday, June 5, 2011

Moving . . .

I've exceeded my photo quota for Blogger and am reduced to writing in just black and white.  Since this is no better than speaking without hand-movement, I've decided to switch over to WordPress.

In other words, I will be riding my Imaginary Bicycle now only over at, which used to be my all-biking blog ("Dream Cycle") but which will heretofrom be known simply as "Imaginary Bicycle" and will now, in these hard economic times, consolidate into an all-service, unreliable and highly random ramble through whichever cycles of life happen to have me in their toils.

And I tell you this so you can come, too.

Can you really deny yourself the sight of cows with pedicures?


Melody said...

No, I can't. Thanks for the notice of your moove.

Linnea said...

Oh the horror of exceeding your photo quota (my worse nightmare!) I'll be moseying on over to your new site.

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