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A Found Poem about the Meaning of Skyscrapers

Song Meaning:The protagonist used to have "big city dreams", (which is much reflected on in their song "Bye Bye Baby") but when he finally makes it, he realizes that it's not all that; in fact, it's quite lonely.
To make matters worse, when he left the band's hometown (presumably Chicago), he probably said some bad things about the city because it wasn't as glorious as other cities, and that he would never have to see it again.

This song is about his return, and he is apologizing to the city when he says that "[He} didn't mean a word [he] said" and "All [He] ever loved was standing right before [his] eyes, and that [he] was blind".

Basically, a "There's no place like home" type song.

It even has a Chicago-style Jazz sound to it, so there's that! :)
General Comment:For me, it's about somebody who has been so wrapped up in his depression and focusing only on the negative (looking down at the ground), that he failed to see all the good that was around him until it was too late. Love was right in front of him, but he couldn't see it because his vision was distorted by the depression, and it slipped away. : "Life should be like this song. . . . She looks at him like he's better than her favorite sweater." 
My Interpretation: I think it's an apology song. If you did your research, you'll find out about the singer's failing marriage and how he wrote most of the songs when he was waiting for her answer. If you replace "Skyscrapers" with "(insert girl's name here)", the song is crystal clear. That's just my thought's, though

My Opinion:This is a breathtaking song. One of my favourites on the album. Actually, all songs on the album are my favourite, I love the thing in its entirety, because it's beautiful.

General Comment:That scream (I guess thats what you'd call it) gets me every time, its so amazing. I agree with fresnosummer on the interpretation, but sunshinevampire also has a nice interpretation.

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General Comment:To me, it's about someone who had big city dreams and never fulfilled them and he's apoligizing to the skyscrapers, the true representations of cities, saying that he "didn't mean a word he said" when he promised he would make his dreams come true. Then again, I'm someone with big city dreams and am desperately afraid that they're not going to happen.

A Sultry New Dance Video for OK Gos Skyscrapers dance
General Comment:this is what i hear when i listen: there is a girl that is absolutely perfect for the narrator but he's gone and told her that he 'sees her as a friend' or some such bulls*** while he goes and sleeps with a bunch of pointless women. it ain't pretty, but those are the paces that he put himself through to have this moment of clarity where he realizes that she's all he's ever loved and she's always been there and he's sorry, please forgive me yadda yadda. she is a huge, in his face and hard to miss, yet he was blind. just listen to that voice. he's really regretting what he said and did and he's really in love and is begging her forgiveness. total prince. gotta love it.

A Sultry New Dance Video for OK Gos Skyscrapers dance

General Comment: To me this song is about a lone person who was in the process of committing suicide (jumping off from the skyscraper), but all a sudden realized that he should not die and it was already too late.
He said things right before jumping, but after he fell off from the skyscraper he knew that his life was about to be over, yet he still wanted to live, and he "did not mean a word [he] said". He wanted to ask for forgiveness but did not know whom to. He realized that it was a foolish decision that he made when he was "tangled up in [his] own head", but he could not see it at the time and thought "there was no other way". There were people that loved him but "[he] was blind" and could not see that they still cared about him. "[He] stand here a penitent man" (I guess that position is possible when you jump), standing in midair but confessing his last words. He "will not look down again", because when he reaches the ground, it is the time that he dies, and looking up at to the world, he could still see the ones that he loved for another second before going down to the ground.

My Interpretation:I'm not exactly sure what this song was actually about, but to me it was about living life without spirituality. I live my life as an atheist and although none of the God stuff makes any logical sense, there is always a fear in the back of my head that when I die I'll be confronted by a God who is pissed off at me for not believing. That could just be in part due to the fact that I am one of the few atheists who live in Texas. Anyway, the skyscrapers are, in my mind, symbolic of God.
General Comment:The ending instrumental makes me feel so many different things all at once. OK Go, you've done it again.

General Comment:It's amazing

General Comment:This song is really great. The song I'd feel like singing if I ever decided leaving Chicago was a good idea.


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