Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I forgive you, my Desire to Take a Break from All this Forgiving

You thought you could get beyond, get ahead of the wrongs that needed forgiving, didn't you, my Breaking Desire?  Start out the new year with a clean desk, a clear heart?  Empty out the inbox of resentment?  You ought to know life's been working at its sudden twists much longer than you've ever been trying to put things straight.

Tonight I hear there's been a shooting at the mall, two dead, more injured.  This week three people dear to me are doggedly trying not to die.  A young person who matters to me has been newly harmed.  My Desire, there will always be too much for you yourself to forgive.

There's nothing wrong with you, my Desire, except that you are not wide enough, tall enough, brave enough to do what you claimed you came to do.

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