Sunday, December 2, 2012

I forgive you, Seventh Question

If I had a coat of arms, you and I have discussed this, the motto could well be Respondeo  (I respond).   And yet I did not. No wonder you are feeling the forgiveness should be due towards, not from me. I can tell you now, "No, I don't know where the envelopes are."  If that was indeed what you said, Seventh Question.  Or was that the Sixth, to which I did in fact respond?  I've lost count.  As you yourself would never do. You are innocent, a simple question, as you say yourself.  For that simplicity I forgive you. You couldn't know it was a failing.  You can't be expected to understand the tyranny of the blinking cursor, the kind of service it demands.  Or  how the hands that look at rest to you are in fact hovering over the surface of a pool waiting for a winged fish to rise near enough the surface to be snatched and brought to land.


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