Wednesday, January 9, 2013

DEF - the odds and ends of a family tradition

I hate letting things go to waste.

I realized this making dinner last week from leftover braised chicken and potatoes which became chicken stew: the chicken bones thrown back in a pot with celery tops saved from Christmas feasting and a quartered onion. One delicious meal Sunday was now another delicious meal Tuesday with only a small addition of water and some chopping action.

So how can I let the lists of traditions go that I gathered from my grown and growing  children?

I don't know what I will ever do with this now that it's collected.  Maybe just to have a snapshot in time of what our family thought it was right on the cusp of our shattering, scattering, and remaking.

is for 

  • Do what you can do now
  • sometimes we have Do things we Don't want to Do
  • Do things that are hard to do
  • I Don't let anybody Downtalk my children (especially my children, especially about themselves)
  • Do your Duty faithfully ÷ choose your Duty carefully (Dad's rule ÷ Mom's rule = a balance somewhere)
  • "Developing a taste for this still" is better than " rather than "Don't like"
  • Devilled eggs made with mustard and little dash of vinegar, sprinkled with paprika
  • Dish soap for oil stains

is for 
  • Eat breakfast (sitting down together, or at least together, or at least sitting down)
  • Eat a rainbow
  • Eat a little bit of everything
  • "Enough is as good as a feast"
  • Emotional lexicon allows emotional fluency
  • Exotic fruits & vegetables!
  • Eye-to-eye speaking
    • Eucalyptus oil eases breathing

    Fis for
    • Faithful = loyal = true to those who trust you = live what you believe = believe in Jesus Christ and believe in His promises
    • Family before friends
    • Flowers - Flower gardens - taking pictures of Flowers - looking at books naming Flowers - Flower hikes
      Faith & work are more like bread & flour, than like bread &butter 
    • Find your true path (let them find their true path)

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