Friday, January 11, 2013

Family Culture: from V all the way to XYZ

V is for  
  • Avoid the vortex (emotional, nutritional, sleep patterns)
  • Violets go well with lettuce, in the garden, on the plate
  • Violets, candied on cake
  • Vehicular V-8 & almond packets
  • Vitamin S = our friend Sandy, & sunshine
  • Vitamin H = Hugs
  • Vitamin M = Mommy-time
  • Vitamin L = Laughing
  • Vanilla yogurt, with pomegranates, with mint
  • Vanilla ice cream, when you can't decide
  • Vanilla, real Mexican extract

W is for
  • White sheets, white towels
  • Whole wheat, whole fruit, wholesome
  • Washcloths wash bodies, dishcloths wash dishes, rags are only for the floor and fixtures
  • Walk it over
  • Wise = study hard = keep it in balance = seek the whole story
  • When it doubt, throw it out (food, stuff, busy-ness, material things, never people)
  • Whining never works
  • Wasting others' time wastes your own
  • Walk together to get closer together

X is for

[keep space open in every day, in every week]

Y is for  
  • Yelling yields only fallout and aftermath
  • Just Yea or Nay, Yes or No -- You don't have to give reasons and excuses to everyone (but you should know your own reasons)
  • "You are special today" plate for birthdays
  • It's not Your Show, but the Family Show and today you are not the star of this episode
  • Yard is all a garden

Z is for
  • Zero tolerance for violence 
  • Zing! Zing! - what happens when excess combines with no sleep
  • Zest in cookies and French toast

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