Thursday, January 10, 2013

mind your PQRs

P is for
  • Prayer is the answer
  • Present your case
  • Put it in writing
  • Piggyback errands
  • Push-ups for impoliteness
  • People are more important than things, ___ than schedules, ___ than programs
  • Popcorn popper with peekable dome
  • Pomegranates
  • Pack your own bags (in every sense)
  • Pack light (in every sense)
  • Peapods

Q is for   

  • Quality time requires quantity time
  • Questions are encouraged
  • Quieter is clearer
  • Quince

R is for
  • Rewind, rewind
  • Resist the urge to always be right
  • Red - a bit in every room
  • Rather than repeat, resort to the Socratic method ("I already answered that. What did I say?")

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