Thursday, January 10, 2013

MNO - elements of our family traditions

M is for   

  • Make room for more than one person to be right 
  • Always more truth than one mind can hold
  • Mending
  • Morning songs - made-up ones especially "Rise & Shout the Bedbugs are Out"
  • Memorize poetry 
  • Memorize scripture verses 

N is for
  • Never phone after 9pm and never before 9am
  • Nuts (but only some people like them in ice cream
  • Need peace more than sleep, need love more than food
  • Need sleep, need food, need water, fresh air and exercise
  • Not on my watch
  • Naps cure many ills
  • Napkins, cloth not paper

O is for
  • Oatmeal and all the additions 
  • Olive oil popcorn 
  • "Or" choices between two acceptable options
  • On the same side -- we're always on the same side

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