Tuesday, January 15, 2013

the truth

The truth is I don't want to write about family culture this month.  I don't want to think about motherhood.  I don't want to dwell on parenting.  I live in it already all the time and frankly I don't believe in it.

Any more than I believe in breathing. Why would anyone need to believe in breathing?

When I set out this year of renewal I left parenting out of my list at first.  Left it out of the list of areas in my life in need of or pertinent to renewal.  At first, accidentally.  And secondly, because I didn't want to spend a whole month focused on it.  And thirdly, because I have absolutely nothing at all to say about motherhood. Or parenting.  Or family culture.

I keep finding myself here though.  Passionately without anything to say about it.

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