Thursday, April 4, 2013

#40 from The Book of Mercy, by Leonard Cohen

LET ME NOT PRETEND YOU ARE WITH MEwhen you are not with me.  Let me close down, let the puppet fall among the strings, until, by your mercy, he rises as a man.  Let him dare to call on you from the dust, when there is nothing but dust, and the coils of his defeat. Enter me again into the judgement, I who refused to be judged.  Enter me into the mercy, I who have forgotten mercy.  Let me raise your kingdom to the beauty of your name.  Why do you welcome me? asks the bitter heart.  Why do you comfort me? asks the heart that is not broken enough.  Let him lie among the strings until there is not hope for his daily strategy, until he cries, I am yours, I am your creature.  Then the surface of the world is restored, then he can walk and build a will.  Blessed are you whose blessings are discerned by those who know your name.  The evil are seen clearly, and the good are beyond safety, and in the panic the whole world prays, Let us not be tested.  Blessed are you who creates and destroys, who sits in judgement on numberless worlds, who judges the present with mercy.


Fresca said...

Hey, you're back!
I LOVE (love, love) this apricot! May I paint it?
I stopped painting postcards after 4, partly because I felt embarrassed that all I want to paint is food--especially fruit!
But hey, why not?

Fresca said...

Also... I like how your hand & camera are reflected in the bowl of the spoon.

Emma J said...

Fresca, Please appropriate to your heart's content. I would love to see the results!

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