Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tower of Song

Of course, just because anyone can cover a Cohen song, doesn't mean anyone can do it as well.  Just because his nothing-special gravelly voice fools anyone into thinking anyone can do better, doesn't make it true.  Some versions, though full of all kinds of passionate sincerity . . .

. . . completely miss out on the self-deprecating humor that makes a song like this a reason to rejoice in the idea of growing old.

Because in his seventies, Leonard Cohen woke one morning to the fact that his friend, a woman he trusted as business manager had embezzled most of his retirement savings.

And what does he do?  What would you do?

 Go on world tour, of course.  Which as some reviewers have commented, could have been pathetic, considering the necessity, but turns out to be one great big party . . .  [Click here to play]

Not to mention, offering real answers to the mysteries of it all.

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