Tuesday, March 4, 2014

conversation with the biking-body

I had a little chat with the biking-body today.

We both agreed it had been far too long.  And that it was great to see each other once again.

"This air is great!" cheered the biking-body and praised my foresight in wearing fingerless wooly gloves and a toasty earband under the helmet.  I complimented her steady pacing even after four month's dormancy.

On the long sloping climb toward the fairgrounds though we had a little falling out.

"You're killing me!" I gasped.

"Breathe," she said.  "Come on, all the way out."

"I can't!" I gulped.

"It would've been better if you'd given me more of a warning you were showing up today," said the biking-body.

"I told you I was coming back this week!"

"Words," she sniffed.  "Not really my love language.  Keep breathing."

We made it to the downhill.  "You're going to be a little crampy after this," she warned.

"Tell me about it."

Neither of us are completely clear on the connection between leg cramps and lactic acid build-up, dehydration, potassium and/or carb deficiencies but we agreed that lunge stretches were going to be a good idea several times between now and bedtime.  And a banana or potatoes might be not be a bad idea.

"Why don't you slow down a little," she said.  "What's your hurry anyway?" So I eased up a little and shook back the shoulders to take a look around.  She pointed out how much brighter everything looks from a bicycle saddle and I agreed that our little town has an added charm when seen through an endorphin haze.

We ran through the morning's errands (which were somehow so much easier to accomplish).  We waved at happy strangers.  We grinned into the wind.

"Welcome home," she said.

"Good to be back," I said.

"See you tomorrow," said the biking-body, "Don't be such a stranger."


Lisa B. said...

"Don't be such a stranger."

Yes, this.

I need to get my bike ready for riding again. Chilly spring rides are some of the best.

So nice to see you here!

Mac said...

Love it. I know these feelings, waving at happy strangers; grinning into the wind. :) That endorphin haze-- well put.

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