Friday, June 13, 2014

selah: collaboration #4

June 13, 2014 
Selah.  A musical term that occurs 71 times in the Psalms and three times in Habakkuk.  Its meaning is uncertain.  Most likely it is a direction to the musicians to strike up, either with a louder accompaniment or with an interlude while the singing ceased.

Give ear to my words, O LORD, consider my meditation. 
2 Hearken unto the voice of my cry, my King, and my God: 
for unto thee will I pray. 
3 My voice shalt thou hear in the morning, O LORD

saturday, august 17, 2013
Ah!  three more days until Eldest will be here for one last biking adventure this summer. Middlest and YoungSon have their panniers almost packed.  Fritz has taken Mijo out for one last training ride along the dikelands.

I hope this isn't our last ride together.  But how many more times we'll be able to get everyone together for one of these All-Family rides, I don't know. 

June 13, 2014
Hear me when I call

monday, january 13, 2014
Patterns have arrived for bridesmaids dresses.  Guess I'd better start washing fabric so I can begin (again) the Grand Cut-out.  Does anyone else have a curious sense of deja-vu? 

June 13, 2014
thou hast enlarged me

 friday, june 13, 2014 
We rode home from Eldest's final reception through the valley 
where Fritz and I lived when we were first married. 
The full moon showed only a forehead of silvery light above the mountains.

June 13, 2014
hear my prayer

monday, november 10, 2014 
Lunar phase will be waning gibbous.
The moon will be growing smaller (old moon).

June 13, 2014

saturday, august 17, 2013
Both Eldest and Mid seem pretty serious about their current flames. Nice guys, of course.  But who knows? and at least for this next week -- who cares? Probably, all of us. But we can pretend for one week, can't we? That we have all the time in the world?  

June 13, 2014
Stand in awe

monday, january 13, 2013
I messaged Eldest today, "Remember that time we scheduled your first filling for the afternoon before your Red Riding Hood solo in the school program?  You were still amazing and such a trooper. But I didn't realize until today just exactly what we put you through."

June 13, 2014

friday, june 13, 2013
I glanced over at Fritz the way I have for a quarter of a century.  He drove with moonlight on his hands on the steering wheel.  "Remember how you used to make the moon rise and set for me behind these very same mountains?" I asked him.

June 13, 2014
Offer the sacrifices of righteousness

monday, november 10, 2014

The time the Moon will make a complete orbit around the Earth (sidereal period) will be 27.321661 days. The time between two consecutive New moon phases will be 29.53058867 days.

June 13, 2014
put your trust in the Lord

saturday, august 17, 2013
And meanwhile, I'm stuck out here pulling dry weeds from dry dirt on the bank below the driveway.  No flowers here to work around since the bulbs have all dried and died back down into the ground. Now just unrewarding labor amid my own bad effort earlier. I should have laid down mulch this spring. 

I should have done so many things. 
Before the season was over.

lift thou up the light of thy countenance

monday, january 13, 2014
She messaged back, "Nope, don't remember.  All I remember is that I got to wear your red cape and use one of your pretty baskets." 

June 13, 2014
thou hast put gladness in my heart

friday, june 13, 2014
"I remember," said Fritz,  "Watch me do it again." 
And he drove until the mountain moved out of the way, then drove until the moon hid again behind the mountain. 
But really, all the time the moon was rising.

June 13, 2014
dwell in safety

monday, november 10, 2014

I don't have any idea how to write the future.
I don't think I can even try.
All I can do is cry out in the moonlit night: 
have mercy upon me
and hear me when I pray.


Lisa B. said...

Oh, I am feeling this post.

What a beautiful, beautiful celebration.

Melody said...

Brilliant and beautiful. Like the moon. Like you.

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