Thursday, December 18, 2014

CAROL : pat-a-pan

This past week it's this song that's popped up each day as I drive Young into town in the morning.  Whenever it comes on I can't keep still -- singing along full-throated and beating on the steering wheel  -- even now I have to break out singing along, my foot tapping, head bobbing.  I want to dance!

This carol was written first in the Burgundian dialect of French that David Archuleta sings in the first verse before switching to English:

Guillô, pran ton tamborin;
Toi, pran tai fleúte, Rôbin!
Au son de cé instruman,
Turelurelu, patapatapan,
Au son de cé instruman
Je diron Noei gaiman

Willie, bring your little drum,
Robin, get your fife and come!
And be merry while you play
Ture-lure-lu patapatapan
We will listen as you play
For a joyful Christmas day!

When the men of olden days
Gave the King of Kings their praise,
They had pipes on which to play
Ture-lure-lu, pata-pata-pan,
They had drums on which to play
For the joy of Christmas Day.

God and man became today
More in tune than fife and drum.
So be merry while you play
Ture-lure-lu, pata-pata-pan,
Come be merry while you play
On this joyous Christmas Day.

Could anyone listen to this and not feel joy's dancing demand?

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