Wednesday, September 2, 2015

On a Mission - Week -4 : and counting . . .

Dear ones,
Since the layoff it's been a little scary around here.  So when Eldest invited me to join her in an 18-month mission-at-home dedicated to intentional living, I grasped on to the idea like the drowning doubter I am.  I realize that I'm not as ready as Eldest yet to commit.  But the desire is in me to get there - I guess I'm more in the putting in my papers stage.  But I am committing to start my own member mission October 1st. 

In the meantime I'm going to put my house in order, grateful for this impetus to lift me from the worry and uncertainty of this season of unemployment. 
These next 4 weeks I'm working to get physically ready
      * adjust to sleep 9:30-5
      * get off sugar
      * be more faithful with daily strengthening stretches and 1/2 hr cardio exercise
emotionally ready
     * settle family into new school schedule
     * reset my nightly journal habit
     * practice the no-yell, no-lecture procedure (yet again)
financially ready
     * follow up job opportunity as online tutor
    * keep a frugal household budget
    * make bread each week
    * plant my winter herbs & greens
    * can applesauce, peaches? & salsa
environmentally ready
    * remove all the excess from my closet
    * clear out laundry room and pantry
    * set rocks and plant triangle entry garden
And spiritually ready
   * study Sister Julie Beck's talk ("What is Your Mission" )
     * recommit to daily personal scriptures, as well as family reading
     * kneel down and pray morning and night
Keeping in mind Eldest's reminder about balance, my number one goal is to keep hopeful and kind and not let these goals get in the way of living faithfully and lovingly.
I needed a hill to climb.  Looking forward to what I'll find on the other side.

I love you all!

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