Wednesday, October 7, 2015

On a Mission - Week 4 - the egg as omen?


You know that Chinese story about good luck, bad luck?

A farmer in China had one horse and one able bodied son. The son used the horse to plough the field, which was their only source of income. One day, the horse ran away . All the villagers came to sympathize with the farmer’s ill fortune. “Bad Luck,” said all villagers. The farmer replied, “Good luck, bad luck, who knows.” 
The villagers walked away perplexed. After a couple of days, the horse came back on its own, with a mate. Now, the farmer had two horses he could use. The villagers came to the farmer to congratulate him. “Good Luck”, they said. Again, his answer was “Good luck, bad luck, who knows.” 
This new horse was wild. While training it, the farmer’s son fell and hurt himself, fracturing his arm and leg. He was unable to till the land. “Bad luck,” said all the villagers immediately. The farmer again said “Good luck, bad luck, who knows.” 
 A few months later, the Chinese king sent his soldiers to take all able bodied men compulsorily into his army. The only one spared was the farmer’s son. Again the farmer said, “Good luck, bad luck, who knows.”

Since last week our chickens have finally begun to lay.

Though neither of their first two eggs made it safely into the kitchen.

And the same day we sat outside to watch the blood moon from our back patio. Portent of doom, apparently.  Except the way we watched it, phoning and texting our faraway family as the same moon rose for them in time, made us feel lucky -- loved, loving, connected.

Maybe because what we were seeing was no more portent of doom than it was the full Chinese Harvest moon rise over the eastern hills.  Symbol of unity, apparently, as Chinese families gather in spirit if they can't in actuality, knowing they are seeing the same moon rise wherever they may be.  Except the distance between us all filled me with longingness and an attenuated sadness.

Our moon slipped into and back out of eerie shadow and was, at the very least, a reason to eat a round of cornbread and Full Moon soup.

"Here goes somethin'!"
or Bad?

The soup was very good and the cornbread sublime.
As for portents, though - who knows?

My interview last Thursday was . . . good.

I think really good.

I think.  I hope.

But every now and then I second-guess myself.  Bad?  Good?

And now, coming back a day later, I know!

"You're looking at the new
High School Assessment &
College Readiness Coordinator!"

I believe my mission is about to begin in earnest.  This feels so much like a culmination of my years of volunteering at food bank and in the schools.  Such a wonderful chance to make some of the changes in my own dear little town that I've been musing over for years!

All that bad luck that brought me here, now looks like it was good luck all along.

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