Monday, November 30, 2015

On a Mission - Week 12 - exploring other things

"I grew tired of myself, so I'm exploring other things."

I found that phrase in my cousin's daughter's weekly mission report and, my dears, that is so completely where I am at.

My work at the school is engrossing, exhausting, and absolutely satisfying.  And one of the best parts is the escape from myself, my worries, my fears, my opinions.  Each day I begin by dedicating the day and all my efforts to the work before me.  

I've never felt such a flow of energy as I almost daily feel.  
I've never seen obstacles bowl over so easily.
I've never felt such confidence and courage in going after goals that are not for my benefit, but for these students and for the school.

I love the hours of my day I get to live in a life bigger than myself.  If I could manage it, I would live the rest of my life this way.  

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