Maps, mileage, and details along the road  
  • places to stop
  • places to eat
  • what to wear
  • what to bring
  • how to keep safe and healthy on two wheels  
- plus exciting all-action pictures! - all can be found here.

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Tours (over 100 miles and multi-day):

USA, Oregon/Washington (Portland - Port Townsend – Portland)
Kitsap Peninsula & Puget Sound - 250+ miles, 10 days

USA, Oregon/Washington (Scappoose – Long Beach – Astoria – Scappoose)
Long Beach & Astoria Coastal Loop - 230+ miles, 6 days

Rides (30-100 miles, one day):

USA, Oregon, Columbia County,
Scaponia Campground Out & Back - 35 miles, 2 big hills

USA, Oregon (Scappoose - Astoria)
The Annual Astoria Ride - 80+ miles to get there, 1 mountain range, 1 day.
(~170 miles round-trip, 2 separate days)

USA, Utah (Elsinore -Marysvale)
Big Rock Candy Out & Back - 40+ miles

Jaunts (10 to 25 miles):

Belgium, Brugge to Lissewege,
Windmills & Waterways - 11.3km (7.02 miles)

USA, Oregon, Scappoose,
Dikelands Loop/ Extended - 11 miles/ 14 miles

USA, Oregon, Warren,
Stone Road Loop - 10+ miles, one big hill

USA, Oregon, Yankton,
Old Yankton Loop - 12 miles, hilly

USA, Utah, Clear Creek Canyon,
Petroglyphs & Newspaper Rock - an easy ride, many places to stop and explore ancient rock art

Toodles (under 10 miles):

Belgium, Brugge - the best way to see this medieval gem of a city

Canada, Ontario, Toronto (Thanksgiving Day) - the one day in the year when the streets are all yours for exploring

USA, Oregon, St. Helens

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